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Why M4W on Craigslist fail [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Why M4W on Craigslist fail

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hey hey kids! [Apr. 4th, 2009|03:02 am]
Why M4W on Craigslist fail

"Increase my killing power?!?!?

I'll do it."

If you know what I am referencing with that quote then super big awesome bonus points for you.  I also love real mail.

What is a philomath?

Renaissance woman how?

Now we come to the part where I make it clear to what degree of an asshole I am potentially.  On a scale of 1cm-10pc(parsec) I'm about .001 meters.  Keep in mind this scale is similar to the scale used to describe stellar luminosity in that the lower the number the more intense assholeyness.

I took photography in high school and it was actually very fun, I thought it was just going to be an A but was quite worthwhile.

Im going to school and dont give a crap about my grades, and now I'm learning alot faster.  My "H" key is sticking on my laptop and it is slightly annoying because I am nitpicky about spelling and so I constantly correct myself when typing.  Right now I am listening to "White and Nerdy" by weird Al over and over.

I have hygiene issues stemming from the fact that I'm lazy with showering and doing laundry.  But females have access to abilities that make me WANT to clean myself up...I could keep clean, I just dont care enough because I have no reason TO care.

I'm going to go to bed now, I stayed up far too late today.

So the first time I sent this, I forgot that I cant send pics through CL so this is pieced together from my sent folder I hope it was worth the effort.

I don't think I need to comment on this one.
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(no subject) [Apr. 3rd, 2009|03:11 am]
Why M4W on Craigslist fail

hey! i think you look cute, and yes im just about to be 18.
so i decided to look into craiglist! and about freaks! theirs plenty of freaky stuff in craigs i didnt wanna see jaja sum disterbing stuff haha.
well i think the best place to idk get to know poeple is on myspace.
if you have one let me get it or else write back well type back and well lets see what happens.
i just want freinds thats about it! nothin serous right now anywayz.!
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(no subject) [Apr. 3rd, 2009|03:05 am]
Why M4W on Craigslist fail

Hey lady I like ur email everything about am 26 I have done a lot in my love to travel to meet new people I have done just about everything u can name from biking   from being stick in city I no nothing about camping from beening homeless in eating with them it just so much over all I have a good life I live on the eastside with my to dogs I work am self-employed cause I travel a lot I have my high school diploma  am always finding new ways to existent my learning new things   in u seem so down to earth thats y am emailing u if u like to no more hit me up
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At 26, you better have that high school diploma!
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(no subject) [Apr. 2nd, 2009|12:34 pm]
Why M4W on Craigslist fail

Hey how u doin, yea I was just on yea page and I must say that u r a very beautiful person and from what I see so far it looks like u have a good hart as well, so there 4 I would realy like 2 have a chance 2 get 2 know u little beta if that's ok wit u, well let me tell u a little about myself my name is Ricky and I am 6'4 (tall huh lol) and I realy do know how 2 treat a women so if u r interested u can hit me up at anytime and I will get back at u as soon as I can, my email is rickyivy@tmail.com and from there I can send u my pics, well iight den lookin forward 2 hearin from u bye
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more crazy messages :D [Jul. 20th, 2008|02:31 am]
Why M4W on Craigslist fail

My heart is aching
My body is burning
My hands are shaking
My head is turning
Do you understand
It's so easy to choose
We've got time to kill
We've got nothing to lose
I want you now

You need to know what song this is from. LOL
I'm looking to get together tonight...not tomorrow...not next week...but now.

I'm 32, in great shape, and am packing a think 8". I'm 100% D&D free. Can host or willing to travel to you.

It's your move. Reply with a pic (too much spam on CL) and I'll write back. Please be cute, at least HWP, obviously D&D free also and in the Milw area. Pic doesn't need to be nude but at least show your face and shape of body. Hurry...it's 1:15am. :)

Did he mean "thick 8". "?  This is clearly a form letter, as it has nothing to do with my post. 
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want a jerk? [Nov. 13th, 2006|03:28 pm]
Why M4W on Craigslist fail


Not just another jerk...A very special jerk...(not short bus special) - 40

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(no subject) [Oct. 14th, 2006|11:10 pm]
Why M4W on Craigslist fail

Jeez's Christ - m4w
Reply to: pers-220765533@craigslist.org
Date: 2006-10-14, 9:34PM CDT

I know there are women out there who wanna fuck...why are you so uptight. My god.....just let yourself go and get fucked!!!


Wow... desperation meets anger and frustration!

It is true that there are women that do want to have sex... just not with you. What woman in her right mind is going to respond to someone who sounds so angry and possibly insane?
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doomed emails [Oct. 13th, 2006|04:24 am]
Why M4W on Craigslist fail

They go something like this:

Hi, you posted about X, which explicity says no sex.  I'm not interested in X but I want to be your lover for 8 hours because Asian women are the most beautiful women on earth.   Send me a nude pic and shag me?

But are often longer, and look like this:

"First of all, I would like to say that Asian women are the most beautiful women in the world. I am not interested in being your pet, but would be interested in being your lover for about 8 hours. I am a little bit older, 5' 6", 130lbs, and have a nice dong, not too big, not too small, just right. I am clean and practice safe sex, and can thing of many ways to please you. I like a variety of positions, very orally talented and long staying. If this interests you and would like to know more, send me back an email. I would like to know what you look like, so a pic would be nice, a nude one even nicer. I would very much like to get together with you for some good, clean fun.  Thanx."


I... I don't know where to begin.
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(no subject) [Oct. 12th, 2006|03:41 am]
Why M4W on Craigslist fail

Elimidate style meeting - 25
Reply to: pers-218932667@craigslist.org
Date: 2006-10-10, 11:42PM CDT

How would you like to be selected as one of 4 girls that will go on an elimidate style evening?


What's so great about this guy that 4 chicks would want to fight over him?
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wrong category! [Oct. 8th, 2006|10:11 pm]
Why M4W on Craigslist fail


Looking for a NSA BJ - 36

Reply to: pers-217771116@craigslist.org
Date: 2006-10-08, 3:59PM CDT

36 yo professional type. 5'8 220. 7 inches and thick. Extremely clean and discrete. Seeking a NSA BJ while in town. I can host. Your race/age/looks are not as important as your personality and fun attitude.

What is it with these people tonight?  There's a category specifically for NSA.  Or did he mean to post in M4M?
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